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Summit Input to FWISD on School Calendar
Posted on Nov 9th, 2014

Dear Neighbors,
The FWISD District Advisory Committee (DAC) has asked for community and parent input on the 2015-2016 school calendar.  The issue is whether or not you want the fall semester to end before the winter break, or to have semester final exams after students return in January.  Which is more important to you, Thanksgiving vacation vs Christmas break, vs. teacher workdays, vs. spring break?
School must be in session for at least 180 days/year.  The TX legislature has dictated that students may not begin classes prior to August 24, 2015.
For high school one semester courses, like Health or Government, it might be preferable for students to attend the same number of days in each class, (90 days in fall and 90 days in spring) in order for the teacher cover the same amount of subject material.  
For 2-semester courses like English or Algebra, the teachers and students will be able to cover the material they need to learn in the 180 days that they must attend school.  They could take the semester exams at any time, without deleting any important material.
Elementary teachers tell me that their students are not affected academically by the final date of the semester.  However, this might have an impact for those families planning vacations who have children in both elementary and secondary schools.
The FWISD will contact me soon for input.  It would be very helpful if I have statistics to present.
Please send any other concerns or accolades for our district or teachers to me.
Thank you for your interest in our public schools.  Our children deserve it.
Laurie Andersen


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