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Bellaire Park North
Welcome to Bellaire Park North's website. 
~ News and Notes ~
Christmas Lights Winners 2019!
Posted on Dec 22nd, 2019
The selections were as follows. Our thanks to Suzanne Ball for taking the time out of a very busy Holiday Schedule to review the Christmas Decorations throughout
our neighborhood. 
7021 Castle Creek Drive -  Meredith & Shane Lynch
Runner Up - 6808 Trinity Landing Drive North
6844 Trinity Landing Drive North - Sara & Matt Robinson
Runner Up - 6832 Savannah Lane
6712 East Park Drive - Dawn & Konrad Kober
Runner Up - 6712 Glen Meadow Drive
5109 North Branch Drive - Ginger & Michael Collins
Runner Up - 7025 Castle Creek Court
2019 Annual 4th of July Celebration
Posted on Jul 5th, 2019
Bellaire Park North held its annual 4th of July parade and celebration yesterday, joined by our neighbors in Meadows West and Bellaire Ridge.  It was a great success, with well over 250 attendees from the three neighborhoods, coming together to enjoy the parade and gathering at Oakmont Park.  Our thanks go out to our neighbors in BPN, Julie and Dave Wende for helping with the setup and face painting as well as Cindy and Kevin Guiles for assisting with the setup as well as photography. PJ Scherer arranged for the Nekter Juice Bar refreshments and managed the Blue Zone table.
Janis and Calvin Crider, from Meadows West, managed the donuts and watermelon tables while Tim Green, from Bellaire Ridge, provided the waters.  The petting zoo was the usual success and the Ft Worth Fire departments firetruck with its 100’ extended ladder was an attraction to young and old alike.  Our NPO, Officer James Gray along with his fellow officer, Jon “Moose” Musquiz, provided escort for the parade and joined us at the park afterwards.
More pictures are here: 2019 July 4th (Additional pictures posted 7/25/19)
2019 Easter Egg Hunt
Posted on Jun 2nd, 2019
More pictures are here: 2019 Easter Egg Hunt
2019 Annual Meeting
Posted on Jun 1st, 2019
The annual meeting of the Bellaire Park North Homeowners Association took place Thursday, January 24, 2019 at Mira Vista Country Club. Guest speakers included Officer James Gray, the neighborhood’s NPO; Fort Worth City Councilman Brian Byrd; and City of Fort Worth Community Engagement Representative Ruth Barajas. 
Minutes of 2018 meeting, 2018 financial statement and 2019 budget were presented and approved:
     Minutes of 2018 Annual Meeting
     2018 Budget/Actual, 2019 Budget Cash Flow Statement
Election of officers was conducted and incoming Board of Directors consists of:
     President - Richard Scherer
     Vice President -  Jennifer Reed
     Treasurer - Mark Maynard
     Recording Secretary - Sidney McManus
     Corresponding Secretary - Scott Mahan
2019 membership currently stands at 199 households.
Holiday Lights winners 2018
Posted on Dec 24th, 2018

Congratulations to the following winners in this year’s Christmas Lights judging.   Please be sure to take a drive (or walk) by these addresses to view the winners as well as the Honorable Mentions.  Our thanks to Suzanne Ball as well, for taking the time to tour the neighborhood and select the winners below.

6721 Clear Springs – Claire & Steele Pearce
6717 Glen Meadow – Honorable Mention

5000 River Bluff Drive – Bettie & Bob Bosworth
6600 Castle Creek Drive – Honorable Mention

5109 North Branch Drive – Ginger & Michael Collins
6712 East Park Drive – Honorable Mention

6844 Trinity Landing – Sara & Matt Robison
6745 Clear Springs = Honorable Mention

Pictures are here: 2018 Holiday Lights photo album

2018 Easter Egg Hunt and 4th of July Pictures
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2018
2018 saw the return of these two favorite neighborhood events.
Check out the pictures here:
2018 Easter Egg Hunt and 4th of July pictures
2018 Annual Meeting
Posted on Feb 9th, 2018
Meeting was held 1/25/18 at Mira Vista Country Club. Guest speakers included Fort Worth City Councilman Brian Byrd and City of Fort Worth Community Engagement Representative Ruth Barajas. 
Minutes of 2017 meeting, 2017 financial statement and 2018 budget were presented and approved:
     2018 Budget
Election of officers was conducted and incoming Board of Directors consists of:
     President - Richard Scherer
     Vice President -  Elise Boswell
     Treasurer - Mark Maynard
     Recording Secretary - Jennifer Reed
     Corresponding Secretary - Scott Mahan
2018 membership currently stands at 201 households.
2017 Holiday Lights winners
Posted on Dec 28th, 2017

Below are the winners of the holiday lights.  Our thanks to Suzanne Ball and her team for managing the judging process this year.


·         6701 Savannah – Mary Rutledge

·         Honorable Mention – 6716 Trinity Landing


·         5109 N. Branch – Michael & Ginger Collins

·         Honorable Mention – 6717 East Park


·         6708 East Park – Mary & Chip Jones

·         Honorable Mention – 6808 Trinity Landing


·         6844 Trinity Landing – Sara & Matt Robison

·         Honorable Mention – 6712 Glen Meadow


Pictures are here: 2017 Holiday Lights photo album

Cookies With Santa 2017
Posted on Dec 28th, 2017

From the President: 
Our thanks to Bob and Bettie Bosworth for hosting Cookies With Santa this year.

Pictures are here: 2017 Cookies With Santa photo album

Halloween Party
Posted on Nov 24th, 2017

Once again, this year we got together to celebrate Halloween with kids, costumes, games and pizza.


More Info >>

~ More News ~
City of Fort Worth Frequently Called Numbers:
Vacation Patrol Request: 
If you are planning to be away from your home, let the FWPD know by completing this form and emailing it to our Neighborhood Patrol Officer at: and to our local Code Blue Captain, PJ Scherer at
Bulky Trash Pickup Reminders by Email or Text: You can now sign up with the city to receive reminders of bulky trash pickup up.  For BPN, bulky items should be put on the curb by 7:00 a.m on the third Monday of each month. If you would like to receive reminders, sign up at the city's sold waste services web page.  Click on the yellow box and then enter your Water Department account number.
BPNHA Facebook Group:  Our Facebook Group for BPNHA growing. To join the group, search for BPNHA on Facebook and send a request.  Members of the group can post anything of interest to the neighborhood.  Don’t forget, there is also a BPNHA group on LinkedIn.  
Free Sprinkler Check from FW Water Department:  Fort Worth residential and commercial water customers can now receive a free irrigation system audit.  The audit is much like a car tune up. It will check your irrigation system components to ensure they are operating at peak performance.  Over time, even the most efficient systems begin to break down. Without a check up, operation and performance problems can go undetected, resulting in excessive water use and poor system efficiency.  (When I had mine done, the contractor installed a rain sensor to turn off my sprinklers during rain. KC)  Click here for info.
Fort Worth Police Department Crime Information Links:  The Fort Worth Police Department Crime Information Page provides links to three Crime Mapping and Reporting tools that can be used to display interactive maps of incidents in a radius around a user-specified location.  You can even download an iPhone app and sign up for email alerts for incidents in the area you specify.  Click here to check it out. The link is also available on the navigation pane to the left.

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