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Bellaire Park North
Block Captains


2021 Block Captains BPNHA

Block A   Matt & Sara Robison   817-370-4483
Block B   Laurie Andersen   817-346-7683
Block C   Kinzie Heinrich   817-691-5826
Block D   Betsy Luengas    817-903-8693
  PJ Scherer   817-917-3433
Block E   Susan Bleil   817-294-8012
Block F   David Jordan   817-292-7990
Block G   Betty Bosworth   502-382-6862
Block H   Tom Frey   631-338-0164
Block I   Diane Craig   817-263-5185
Block J   Open    
Block K   Dawn Ferguson   817-366-7188
Block L   Holly Raeder   817-219-7340
Block M   Susan Spencer   817-975-9027
Block N   Nesli Chandler   817-897-4486
Block O   Kevin Johnson   817-346-7048
Block P   Debbie Pittman   817-988-5828




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