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Online Membership Renewal Instructions

To use the online option, you must logon by clicking the “Login” option on the homepage of the website which is right above the link you took to get here. Enter your Username and Password then click “Submit”. Your Username is your email address where you registered on the webpage. If you’ve forgotten your password (or never knew it) click on the “Forgot Password” link. It will send you an email with a link to reset your password. If you’re not registered, you don’t remember if you did, or you don’t remember what email you used then just click on the “Register” link and start over. Fill in the 4 required fields, click the “I’m not a robot” box and “continue” button. The WebMaster will get notified and reconnect your old account or approve your new one and you’ll get another email with your password.
Once you’re logged on, click on “Your Profile” then click on “Renew Your Membership”. It will ask you to verify/update your basic profile information. It should all be correct so just click “save”. On the next screen, click on “View Payment Instructions” then click on “Pay Invoice Online”. You should see the “Account balance” message since you haven’t yet paid your dues for the current year then click on “Pay Balance”. You’ll get a screen to put in your credit card information. Fill it in and click on “Next”. You’ll get a confirmation screen. Click on “next” then you’ll get a payment‐in‐process confirmation. In a minute or so, if you want to wait for it (you don’t have to), you’ll get a card‐accepted confirmation. You’ll get a confirmation email for your records after that.


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